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by Andrew Radford

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Hendrick’s Gin is a uniquely crafted gin created in 1999 by Master Distiller Miss Lesley Gracie in Girvan, South Ayrshire, Scotland. The best Hendrick’s gins use a wide variety of unique ingredients and flavours that rival many small-batch gin brands.

I personally feel that Hendrick’s deserves credit for being the catalyst that turned around the fortunes of gin worldwide. Pre 1999, gin was not too popular, and only a handful of brands dominated the market.

Since then, competition is fierce, with literally 1000s of different gin distilleries worldwide producing every botanical combination you can dream of. But let’s not forget the brand that pioneered the gin revival.

Table Of Contents

  1. Best Hendrick’s Gins
    • 1. Hendrick’s Gin (Original)
    • 2. Hendrick’s Neptunia Gin
    • 3. Hendrick’s Lunar Gin
    • 4. Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice
    • 5. Hendrick’s Orbium Gin
  2. Andrew’s Top Pick
    • Hendrick’s Gin (Original)
    • Is Hendrick’s Gin Any Good?
    • Is Hendrick’s A Top Shelf Gin?
    • Is Hendrick’s Gin Worth It
    • How Is Hendrick’s Gin Made
  3. Conclusion
  4. Further Reading
5 Hendrick’s Gins Every Gin-Lover Should Discover | Drinks Geek (1)

Best Hendrick’s Gins

More than a one-trick-pony, here are 5 of the best Hendrick’s gins that every gin-lover should get thoroughly acquainted with.

1. Hendrick’s Gin (Original)

5 Hendrick’s Gins Every Gin-Lover Should Discover | Drinks Geek (2)


  • Distiller: Hendrick’s
  • ABV: 41.4% (82.8 Proof)
  • Country: Scotland
  • Colour: Clear


This original blend was the first of Hendrick’s Gin to be crafted in 1999 and paved the way for the brand’s debut. I honestly feel Hendrick’s was responsible for making gin cool again and made it to my list of 10 all-time best gins.

Hendrick’s was voted the best gin globally in 2003. It has also been awarded two gold, a double gold, and a silver medal from the Worlds Spirit Competition in San Francisco from 2005 to 2012.

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Lucky number 13 is Hendrick’s recipe for success. In addition to juniper, Hendrick’s infuses chamomile, elderflower, lemon peel, orange peel, caraway, coriander, cubeb berries, angelica root, yarrow root, and orris root.

The gin is distilled in two different stills, then married together, and is finally infused with rose and cucumber essences. Check out 10 Lemon Gins too!

On The Nose

A light yet complex aroma of fresh pine with hints of citrus and floral elements.

On The Palate

A fanfare of fresh citrus and a burst of juniper with the spiciness of cracked pepper and cumin, finishing off with a smooth lingering floral bouquet with the mellowness of cucumber.

Best Served

Perfect as a companion to tonic water with a twist of cucumber, instead of the usual lime, to bring out the essence of the infused cucumber. It’s a great gin for beginners and veterans alike.

Pricing & Info

You can check the latest pricing, product information, and order online.

2. Hendrick’s Neptunia Gin

5 Hendrick’s Gins Every Gin-Lover Should Discover | Drinks Geek (3)


  • Distiller: Hendrick’s
  • ABV: 43.4% (86.8 Proof)
  • Country: Scotland
  • Colour: Clear


This Scottish gin is driven by the mesmerizing wave crashing along the Ayrshire coastline and the magical invigoration of the fresh ocean breeze.

Hendrick’s Neptunia was proudly created in 2022 as a limited edition supporting the environmental charity for the conservation and recreation of the dwindling seagrass ecosystem that supports a variety of sea life.

In addition to its already perfect blend of botanical, the addition of sea kelp, costal thyme, and lime helps gear this gin as a perfect reminder of the beauty of the sea.

On The Nose

Fresh aromas of juniper revitalize your mind with hints of fresh thyme and the scents of roses.

On The Palate

Light and savoury, with hints of saltiness enlivening the citrus tangs before lingering off into a smooth blend of fresh zest.

Best Served

An excellent serving suggestion is the Hendrick’s Neptunia Gin Fizz. This refreshing summer drink can be enjoyed any time of day. Gin, simple syrup, soda water, and garnished off with a sliver of cucumber.

Pricing & Info

You can check the latest pricing, product information, and order online.

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3. Hendrick’s Lunar Gin

5 Hendrick’s Gins Every Gin-Lover Should Discover | Drinks Geek (4)


  • Distiller: Hendrick’s
  • ABV: 43.4% (86.8 Proof)
  • Country: Scotland
  • Colour: Clear


Inspired by the moon and its alluring mystical properties, Hendrick’s Lunar was made under the waxing moon and created as a limited edition in 2021.

The intention of this beauty is as a slow sipping drink to carry you into meaningful conversations as the sun sets and the moon rises.

The inclusion of baked spices and the zesty tang of citrus flavours bring a new dimension to the original blend of botanical herbs.

On The Nose

Wafts of violet and lavender scents part ways to the aromas of warm spiciness that invigorates the mind.

On the Palate

Fresh citrus on the open and warm spiciness of black pepper and cardamom in the middle. It finishes with a refreshing tone of spicy floral.

Best Served

Enjoy Hendrick’s Lunar with premium ginger ale, a dash of lemon juice, and garnish with a sliver of orange zest and three crisp cucumber slices.

Pricing & Info

You can check the latest pricing, product information, and order online.

4. Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice

5 Hendrick’s Gins Every Gin-Lover Should Discover | Drinks Geek (5)
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  • Distiller: Hendrick’s
  • ABV: 43.4% (86.8 Proof)
  • Country: Scotland
  • Colour: Clear/red


Nothing inspires more than that perfect summer day when blossoms are at their peak, and the warmth rejuvenates the heart. This gin encompasses the myriad of summer florals in its limited release and the first variant of Miss Lesly Gracie’s Cabinet of Curiosities that launched in 2019.

Enhancing the perfect infusion of Hendrick’s gin, this blend boasts infusions of orange blossoms, iris, and heavy floral essences. Reminds me of some of the Japanese gins I recently reviewed.

On The Nose

With bursts of aromatic floral scents giving way to the puffs of fresh pine, it is mildly cast aside by the aromas of black tea.

On The Palate

The palate engages delightfully with the slightly dry taste of juniper infused with floral essences and a pleasant hint of orange blossom and rose water peaking at the aftertaste.

Best Served

For a delightful Midsummer Solstice Spritz, add a splash of sparkling wine to your Hendrick’s gin and mix it up with tonic water. Garnish with a long ribbon of cucumber and a fresh slice of orange.

Pricing & Info

You can check the latest pricing, product information, and order online.

5. Hendrick’s Orbium Gin

5 Hendrick’s Gins Every Gin-Lover Should Discover | Drinks Geek (6)


  • Distiller: Hendrick’s
  • ABV: 43.4% (86.8 Proof)
  • Country: Scotland
  • Colour: Clear/blue


Hendrick’s Orbium was launched in 2017 as a reimagined product of the original launch of Hendrick’s gin. It is a crafted edition of small batched made for a limited time.

I must confess I love the presentation; the medicine bottle design takes you back to the Victorian age of terrifying medicine. The bottle has the same blue hue as the blue lotus essence added to the gin.

The original recipe is heightened with the addition of wormwood, extracts of quinine, and the essence of the blue lotus flower.

On The Nose

There is an intriguing aroma of lotus flower blossom mixed with melon, cucumber, rose water, and candied sweets.

On the Palate

Floral, herbaceous and melon perceptions. The intertwining of the spicy citrus and bitter flavour of wormwood is very unusual. Reminds me a little of when I reviewed 10 absinthe brands.

Best Served

Best served as an Orbium Martini, stirred, not shaken, with a dash of Dolin dry vermouth. Garnish off with lemon zest and a cucumber slice, allowing you to appreciate this exquisite blend’s entire essence.

Pricing & Info

You can check the latest pricing, product information, and order online.

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5 Hendrick’s Gins Every Gin-Lover Should Discover | Drinks Geek (7)

Andrew’s Top Pick

5 Hendrick’s Gins Every Gin-Lover Should Discover | Drinks Geek (8)

Hendrick’s Gin (Original)

Call me a traditionalist, but Hendrick’s Original Gin is my top pick. Its clean nose, refreshing juniper and cucumber led palate, and cheeky black pepper finish is everything a gin should be.

Hendrick’s Q&A

Is Hendrick’s Gin Any Good?

Hendrick’s produces an excellent gin and is an innovator in its field. It is not your standard juniper-infused gin but was created as a super gin with infusions of rose and cucumber.

Is Hendrick’s A Top Shelf Gin?

Hendrick’s Gin is not considered a top-shelf gin but sits in the upper middle. It is a high-quality mass-produced gin in the mid-priced price bracket but lacks the small-batch rarity factor.

Is Hendrick’s Gin Worth It

Hendrick’s gin is worth it as it’s a great way to introduce vodka drinkers to the gin scene. Maybe a bit overpriced compared to other quality gins, it brings a different twist to the traditional gin flavour.

How Is Hendrick’s Gin Made

Hendrick’s Gin is a uniquely crafted gin that’s distilled twice in two very different stills. The amalgamation of these two very different styles sets Hendrick’s Gin apart.

The Bennett still, dating back to 1860, steeps the botanicals in spirit before the distillation process. Next, the Carter head still, dating back to 1948, steams the herbs in a basket to create a more delicate spirit.


The best Hendrick’s Gins come with fascinating flavours and blends that are either loved or loathed. Their twist on the generic juniper led gin is enhanced by combining cucumber and rose essences that bring in a refreshingly new diverse aroma and perception.

The ingenuity of the blends allows for a different quality of gin and how it is enjoyed in fancy gin cocktails and mixes. Hendrick’s deserves a lot of love for staying true to their original recipe yet daring to come up with the likes of Hendrick’s Orbium. Bravo!

5 Hendrick’s Gins Every Gin-Lover Should Discover | Drinks Geek (9)

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Is Hendricks gin considered top shelf? ›

Hendrick's is a wonderful entry brand into top-shelf gin. The brand puts its twist on traditional gin by infusing its botanical blend with cucumber and rose, producing a refreshing and aromatic drink.

Why is Hendricks gin so good? ›

Hendrick's is often referred to as “the cucumber gin.” And, indeed, that flavor is an integral piece of this gin's botanical makeup. But it's more interesting than that. For all its tradition-breaking botanicals—yes, those famed cucumbers and roses—it is still very much centered by piercing, pine-y juniper.

What is the difference between Hendricks and Tanqueray? ›

Hendrick's Gin and Tanqueray Gin are both very strong spirits. Tanqueray takes the crown as the stronger Gin. The Original Hendrick's Gin is 88 Proof (44% alcohol by volume) and Tanqueray London Dry Gin is 94.6 Proof (47.3% alcohol by volume).

Does Hendricks gin get you drunk? ›

If you are accustomed to the flavor of gin, Hendrick's opens the door to a bright and cheery summer's day of flavor. Simply put, this gin will get you DRUNK.

Is Hendricks or Bombay better? ›

Both of these beverages are at the high end of all spirits in terms of strength but Bombay has the edge. Bombay Sapphire is 94 (47.5% alcohol by volume) Proof and Hendrick's Gin is 88 Proof (44% alcohol by volume) for the original variety.

Which is better Beefeater or Hendricks? ›

For the drinker seeking a slightly more subtle juniper flavor than the aforementioned brands, he believes Beefeater is the best bet, and “for those who aren't crazy about the traditional taste of gin,” Tonelli suggests Hendrick's.

What is the number 1 gin in the world? ›

Top 10 Gin Brands
  • Hendrick's Gin. Hendrick's is hand-crafted in the town of Girvan on the southwest coast of Scotland. ...
  • Tanqueray. Tanqueray is one of the best-selling gin brands worldwide and is recognizable for its iconic green bottle. ...
  • Sipsmith Gin. ...
  • The Botanist. ...
  • Bombay Sapphire. ...
  • Plymouth Gin. ...
  • Nolet's Gin. ...
  • Beefeater.

Is gin the healthiest alcohol? ›

Gin has less sugar and fewer calories than some other liquors. If you already consume alcohol, gin may be a slightly healthier option. Be careful with mixers, however. They can make the sugar content of your drink skyrocket.

What category of gin is Hendricks? ›

Is Hendrick's a London Dry Gin? No. As Hendrick's classed as a distilled gin but is not made using a London Dry process.

What are the tiers of gin? ›

However, most gins can be classified into four categories: London Dry, Plymouth, Old Tom or Navy Strength.

What is Hendricks gin close to? ›

If you can't get enough of Hendrick's, here are four other delicious gins to try.
  • Silent Pool Gin ($45)
  • Farmer's Botanical Organic Gin ($32)
  • Martin Miller's Gin ($30)
  • Fords Gin ($27)
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